The sustainable growth of your business and your strategic projects are our priority.

La combinación de nuestras capacidades como consejeros independientes expertos en innovación, digitalización y estrategia comercial, junto con nuestras habilidades como instructores en técnicas de venta compleja y venta estratégica B2B nos permite ofrecer una propuesta de valor única para ayudar a las empresas a crecer.

The sustainable growth of your business and your strategic projects are our priority.

The combination of our capabilities as independent advisors with deep experience in innovation, digitation and sales strategy, together with our skills as trainers in complex sales B2B techniques allows us to offer a unique value proposition to help companies to grow.

Why did we create GIC?

Professionalization of the governance of medium and large size enterprises

Commitment to sustainable growth and purpose-driven projects

Creation of a flexible structure to provide consultancy and training services on sales B2B techniques.

Sharing strategies to generate legacy (economic and social impact) leveraging large international events


The companies and teams that work with us grow in a sustainable way

Do you want to know how they are doing it?

If you have these challenges, we can help you

GIC Estrategia comercial, innovación y IT​

We want to maximize the legacy (economic and social impact) leveraging the opportunity of a large events in your territory.

Business strategy, innovation, and IT.

Our technology and IT plan for the coming years generate doubts.

We need to reduce costs of R&D&i to gain agility and competitiveness.

Open innovation processes are not integrated into our business.

We want to develop partnerships to innovate with third parties.

We struggle to grow in revenue and profitability.


B2B Sales Techniques

We have lost a high percentage of sales opportunities during the last period and we don’t know why.

We need to grow faster, but we don’t have the right partners and channels.

We do not have the right methodologies and tools to optimize our B2B sales processes.

We face enormous complexity and challenges to raise revenues quickly.

GIC Técnicas de Ventas B2B ​

As a team of senior advisors with a sales track record we focus on two specific areas that are critical for business growth

GIC Servicios como consejeros asesores independientes
Services as independent senior advisors joining advisory boards focused on:
  • The design and execution of initiatives to maximize legacy leveraging large international events
  • The design and implementation of effective business strategies.
  • The integration of open innovation processes to reduce R&D&I costs and generate incremental revenues.
  • Driving technology and digitation strategies to develop the business.
GIC Formación y cursos en técnicas de ventas complejas B2B para equipos y profesionales
Training and courses in complex B2B sales techniques for teams and professionals:
  • Management of sales opportunities, development of good account plans to grow with large clients, and development of partnerships and alliances.
  • Increase the percentage of success closing sales opportunities.
  • Sustainable growth with large customers
  • Exponential growth with partners.

Find out how we have impacted our customers

GIC’s contribution to the Durania’s board has helped us to take the right decisions over the last three years contributing to achieve during the last two years track record of financial results, in very complex market circumstances. Their support and coaching on our IT and innovation plans helped us a lot in our process of modernization and productivity improvement. In addition, and very important for me, they has made us to have fun, as his cheerful and fearless personality is a great ingredient for the meetings of our board. They motivates the teams, to take them further with joy, giving them coaching and support in every challenge they face.

Eva Duran CEO Durania
Eva Duran

Having Carlos at our advisory board in Spain has contributed to improve our strategy, and especially in Catalonia, has allowed us to promote collaborations with key players in the ecosystem, with initiatives fully aligned with our corporate purpose. His circle of influence and ability to connect has allowed us to meet and gain access to senior executive of key large accounts in the region, a contribution that will be critical for our business development in the area the next coming years.

Pau Contreras VP, Solution Engineering Salesforce
Pau Contreras
Vice-President Solution Engineering

The in-company training of complex B2B sales techniques that Carlos has given us in Valencia has had very positive feedback from our associates and has had a great impact. Both for the methodology used, making in simple way complex processes, and above all for the practical experience with real successes in complex sales. More than one of our associates told us that they are going to apply immediately this complex sales strategy with their sales teams. Moreover, in the case of Innova&acción, this knowledge is also very useful for us, because it helps us to organise ourselves in a much more efficient process for our commercial approach. It has been great and we will repeat it!

Diana Pottecher Directora Innova & Acción
Diana Pottecher
Innova & Acción

We have had access to an innovative methodology for dealing with complex sales processes that helps to structure each phase of the process from a 360-degree perspective. This has allowed us to strengthen our sales culture and increase efficiency by better aligning the sales and operations units of our company.

Mónica Romo​ Sales Enablement Grupo Oesía
Mónica Romo​
Sales Enablement Director
Oesía Group

Having Carlos Grau and Josep Aragonés on our Advisory Board has contributed to define the right steps to be more focused and commercially more productive. With their "coaching in the complex sales process" sessions with our sales team, we have been able to improve our B2B sales skills and techniques. It has been a privilege to count on their experience and vision for the growth of the company. Thank you Carlos and Pep!

Oscar Puig Loverdos - Director General Unique
Oscar Puig Loverdos
General Director

The sessions with Grau Innovation Consulting helped us to establish a solid roadmap and plan for our sales strategy. Their strategic vision, with the deep experience of their team, was exactly what we needed to accelerate our sales performance, applying practical techniques under an excellent methodology through real cases of our current opportunities and customers. In addition, the follow-up mentoring sessions have been critical to apply what we´ve learnt and fully deploy it in our current sales operations.

Santiago Miralles - Founder & CEO Knox Media Hub
Santiago Miralles
Founder & CEO
Knox Media Hub

If your company, your team or your project needs an innovative vision, experience, strategy, methodology and tools to grow faster than the competition, we are your partner. 

Libro de Carlos Grau 'El efecto WOW: innovando con propósito'