Sales are the engine of your business and your growth

La venta es el motor de tu negocio y de tu crecimiento

With our courses of B2B complex sales techniques you will be ready to manage opportunities and turn them into real sales. We make easy what is complex. We work with professionals, salespeople and companies looking to increase their sales effectiveness. Our training is aimed for professionals from any industry sector who wish to improve their sales skills with very simple and intuitive concepts. It does not require previous training and is not difficult.

Proven success! More than 1,000 professionals have gone through our trainings in B2B complex sales techniques, and:

of the participants of of Account Plan training sessions have achieved annual business growth with more than 2 digits.
of the business opportunity exercises conducted with our trainers have resulted in orders or contracts within three months after the training.

Our formula for success:

Real experience in B2B sales and sales track record.
A clear methodology that helps to prioritize and structure the sales processes.
Tools and Templates to make B2B selling easier.
A practical approach that generates tangible results from day one.

Training in complex sales, account planning and partners development

With our training you will master complex B2B sales techniques.

In B2B (business to business) sales, the stages of the sales funnel tend to be complex, with longer sales cycles, and with many executives with different profiles involved throughout the decision-making process. In addition, high competitive pressure can make the closing process even more difficult.
GIC Con nuestra formación dominarás las técnicas de venta compleja B2B​
GIC Aumenta tu eficacia comercial ¡Aprovecha los contenidos de nuestras 3 cápsulas formativas!

What do we propose to increase your sales efficiency?

Take advantage of the contents of our 3 training modules!

Management of sales opportunities in large accounts.

Development of good account plans to build loyalty and grow with large customers.

Partnership strategies to grow faster than the competition.

Do you need customized in-company training for your sales and pre-sales teams?

Sessions full of content, intensity and dynamism with the best experts of B2B sales.

At Grau Innovation Consulting we have the team and the method to grow and provide “upskilling” to your team on consultative selling techniques to develop your business. We are a track record methodology for complex B2B sales techniques and we have great experts in B2B sales who contribute with their experience to create sessions full of content, intensity and dynamism.

Our in-company trainings generate impact from day one.

Our contents are based on practical methods and proven results, not on theories or academic concepts.

We make complex things easy.

We help to prioritize and structure the sales process.

We provide simple tools and templates to effectively deal with the complexity of sales processes.

Ask us a customized proposal for your team.