Global Dialogue on Artificial Intelligence: “Building a World of One Humanity”



Feb 2024

On October 20, 2023, I had the opportunity to participate with my dear friend Daria Golebiowska-Tataj in the roundtable Global Dialogue on Artificial Intelligence: “Building a World of One Humanity”, organised by the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC).  
An event in which I was able to contribute with my vision on the importance to reduce the digital divide and the need for a human-centred Artificial Intelligence ⬇️  
I see generative AI as a major revolution, a vehicle that will improve productivity and will give “superpowers” to information workers. However, there are also risks of misusing AI, for example by spreading fake news.  
To create a truly human-centred AI environment that anticipates the impact of new technologies, and maximises the benefits of new technology to improve people’s lives, I think we need to: 1) train our citizens in digital skills, including data management and AI, 2) train developers and data scientists in ethical principles, 3) Reward companies that have a human-centred approach in their strategy, including ethics by design in their products, and develop public-private partnerships to spread good practices.  
Today we have a digital emergency, a serious digital divide 👉🏼 Between 15% and 40% of the population of our planet, depending on the territory, lacks basic digital skills. In some cases, because they suffer difficult economic conditions, lack of connectivity, devices, or basic digital skills, skills that now are more essential than ever for basic services as online education of quality or remote tele assistance for health. AI could amplify this digital divide 👉🏼 More than 80% of jobs in the coming years will require digital skills. All our citizens have a data analyst inside and deserve the opportunity to be trained to develop digital skills, including basic knowledge on data management and AI.  
I admire the job that entities as Fundesplai do to reduce digital divide with people of the third sector and also admire the job that companies as Salesforce are doing on ethics by design, generating Trusted AI Principles and Guidelines for Responsible Generative AI, respecting human rights, protecting privacy, and embracing powerful tools that reduce risks and help us to maximizes the positive impact of new technologies, with good practices to share in the IT industry.  
A human centered approach means for me the need to anticipate impact for humans of new technologies and the approach required to maximize the benefits of all this new technology to improve people lives, minimizing bad use of technologies, that sometimes humans do.
I invite you to watch the recording of the roundtable at the UN TV channel (with my short pitch at 2h 37´) 2nd Meeting, 2nd Global Dialogue on AI “Towards the World of hashtag#OneHumanity” | UN Web TV: 2nd Meeting, 2nd Global Dialogue on AI “Towards the World of #OneHumanity” | UN Web TV 




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