WHY DID WE CREATE GRAU INNOVATION CONSULTING (GIC?) Why did we created Grau Innovation Consulting (GIC)



Jun 2023



GRAU INNOVATION CONSULTING (GIC) has been born because of the excitement we´ve experienced over the last 10 years looking to the impact and results of our training and coaching in B2B sales techniques to more than 1000 professionals from multiple sectors, with excellent evaluations and great impact on business growth. 

We have enjoyed the experience of seeing that more than 70% of the complex sales exercises done to manage sales opportunities have concluded in orders and contracts within the three following months after the training.  

Making simple what is complex, with a good methodology and strategy, helped us in the 90’s with the internet boom, having the opportunity to lead Sun Microsystem’s business in the Northeast Region of Spain jumping from $3M to $60m in just 4 years. 

When you are small and you start to enjoy a fast grow seems easy, as many friends told me, but repeat the success in the decade of 2000s in a business unit that was operating for more than 15 years with a moderate growth, as we had at Microsoft in the business unit at the northeast region and develop the business from $25M to $80M in 4 years in large accounts was not so easy. 

The complex sales methodology, with good account planning and partner management techniques that we have used in different companies from different industry sectors has worked extremely well. 

And just recently, during the last 5 years, leading the Mobile World Capital Foundation, between 2017 and 2022, we´ve been able again to multiply ten times the revenue from companies from the private sector.  

From Grau Innovation Consulting, from GIC as we call it, we are at your disposal, to help you as senior advisors, joining your advisory boards, to develop the right sales strategy and initiatives for growth, providing coaching and upskilling to your sales teams on consultative selling techniques to achieve your sustainability goals. 




Key professionals that contributed to achieve all these successes in recent years have joined our team and our ecosystem.  

Senior leaders to collaborate as independent advisors at advisory boards and boards of directors to help organisations to grow.  

Associate consultants that provide training and mentoring sessions on complex sales techniques for the B2B market. 

Techniques that will help you to grow and increase the percentage of probabilities to close business opportunities, contributing also to make good account plans and develop alliances and partnerships, to generate incremental revenues through third parties.  

This methodology and techniques, deployed and tested with great success in the technology sector under highly competitive pressure, has showed great results also at multitude of industry sectors, and it is aimed not only for sales professionals, but also at for all those professionals who collaborate with the sales teams, whether they are in marketing, pre-sales, services or operations.  

This training will improve the sales skills and competencies of your team in complex sales and strategic sales environments for the B2B market. 




Good luck in sales does not exist, it´s about creating the conditions to make things happen.  

Our methodology for complex B2B sales combines a successful technique that contributes to close complex opportunities, that sometimes are delayed or lost again the competition, without knowing deeply why, helps also to develop good account plans to reinforce loyalty and grow with our large customers, and brings good practices with partners to grow our business through indirect channels.  

We offer all these training contents both via an online platform, with practical exercises and examples that can be activated immediately after the training; and through on-site in-company courses in groups, with a more customized approach adapted to each industry sector, helping companies to take advantage of all these techniques and methodology to grow with a more effective way. 




The second, and major engine of GRAU INNOVATION CONSULTING, GIC, beyond training, are our services for advisory boards and boards of directors.  

We have noticed how all our extensive experience and success track record as senior executives, moving now to advisory roles providing coaching and mentoring, allows our customers to develop and grow their business, as well as drive effective open innovation initiatives to reduce costs of research, development and innovation, generating incremental revenue, and deploy digital transformation strategies to use new technologies increasing productivity.  

We have an excellent team of independent senior advisors to help organisations grow and be more effective in these three areas: sales, open innovation and digitation. 

And we have experienced this positive impact in recent years in companies from different industries. For example, in a company of food safety where we have been able to provide coaching and mentoring from the board to the executives, helping them to drive effective plans of open innovation and Information Technology, contributing to take the right decisions that have allowed them to achieve during the last two years records in terms of financial performance.   

And we have also seen enjoyed positive impact in a completely different company, a company of scientists experts in the design of complex algorithms with Artificial Intelligence, who are working for prestigious and large international entities, such as NASA, but had a poor revenue growth, training their team in complex sales techniques and innovation methodologies, and connecting them with key stakeholders of the ecosystem, contributing to generate and close three large contracts in the last six months with top enterprises of our environment. 

Results with impact that encourage us to move forward on this approach of coaching and mentoring executives from organisations to improve their sustainability, both from the economic point of view, with incremental sales, as well as from the point of view of innovation, digitisation and new technologies. 




The time has come for the entrepreneur we´ve inside, encouraging us take this step forward with the creation of Grau Innovation Consulting, GIC, to help organisations improve their objectives of sustainability, driving open innovation and collaboration with the entrepreneurial ecosystem, digitalisation, as well as incremental sales. 

GIC is CHIC and it’s on the move! as our entire team says. We are at your disposal to help you improve your performance in these three areas, contributing to achieve your sustainability goals and help you grow, grow and grow! 




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